Leaking skylights are a common occurrence unfortunately. The good news is that any leaking skylight can be fixed. Here we will showcase a job we did and go throug the paces of what we did to remedy the situation.

  1. Existing skylight
Beaches Skylights Leaking Skylight Fixed

Here we have an old 25 year old velux deck mount skylight that can open. It hasn't been opened in many years however we are getting some water in through the low side at the top of the dry wall. This age of skylight typically fails in this area. Velux makes a great skylight and this one in particular has simply done it's time and then some.

  1. Skylight Removal
Beaches Skylights Leaking Skylight Fixed

When we remove the skylight its important to give enough space on all four sides of the skylight to be able to reconnect the high grade room membrane, shingles and flashing.

  1. Underlayment and new Skylight
Beaches Skylights Leaking Skylight Fixed

This is by far the most crucial step of the project. Without this we become vulnerable to ice danming and heavy wind driven rains which in the canadian climate are 2 very common things.

  1. Shingling, top flashing seal
Beaches Skylights Leaking Skylight Fixed

Its important to seal the top flashing pan. It's an oversight we see all to often in the field by other contractors mostly from the past.

Without this step you leave you self vulnerable again to ice danming and wind driven rains.

  1. Final steps
Beaches Skylights Leaking Skylight Fixed

The final product comes out looking nice. But looks are second on the list. By using the recommended velux materials along with the velux skylight and matching flashing kit we are able to ensure a leak proof system in the Canadian climate.