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Braydon Furneaux


Hi There! It's my goal to be the highest caliber skylight expert in the GTA. I hope this website is a good educational resource to assist you in making the best and most educated purchase possible for your skylight needs. Please make yourself at home and I hope we can add you to our skylight family:)

Beaches Skylights's Owner


Our team stems from a very exclusive line of skylight experts in the Toronto area. Not many folks are aware that you can even specialize in this trade and we take pride in being the few that truly know all the little quirks and features of how to properly install a skylight.

Our biggest priority is caring for our clients. Customer Service is by far our #1 priority. In close 2nd is the care for our team. These are the building blocks of why we have the best quality of service! We focus on areas like Comfort, aesthetics, performance, practicality, and overall use case.

We are a smaller company with 3-4 members that is available for your every skylight need.

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